Burning control

Burning control
Burning control

Strong valve

Controls the amount of dosed air to the burn chamber based on instructions from central control unit. It's made from a stainless steel. The motor is equipped with a security spring. In a case of blackout the spring opens the valve fully, so the safety is fully guaranteed and the user may continue burning.

Central control unit

Evaluates the values gained from temperature and door sensors. Based on those values, it controls the valve a delivers the optimal amount of air in current burning stage.


Display shows in real time information about the burning process and warning signs. It communicates wirelessly with the control unit and it's power by 3 AA batteries. The device may be operated even when there are no batteries in the display.

Door sensor

The no-touch door sensor evaluates if the doors is open or closed and sends this information to the control unit. The door sensor is magnetic and there are no moving parts. This way mechnical damage or worn out is being prevented.

Temperature sensor

The temperature sensor is placed inside the ceramic housing and installed in burning chamber or inside the flue way. It sends the value of measured temperature to the control unit.

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ABRA 6.1