Inserts de poêle de masse

Inserts de poêle de masse
Inserts de poêle de masse

Variable smoke outlet

The masonry heater can be connected to the accumulation system through iron cupola or cast iron flanges on the sides. The other openings are blinded with solid and sealing provided cast iron plates.

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Rear feeding

For maximal comfort the masonry heater can be equiped with rear feeding door.

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Double vitrage

Le double vitrage améliore les propriétés isolantes de la porte et réduit la quantité de chaleur rayonnée par la porte dans la pièce.

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Conception individuelle

Acier inoxydable ou acier inoxydable avec revêtement en téflon noir.

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Burning chamber for large amount of fuel

The material and depth of the burning chamber let's the user to full it up with 18 kg of wood with logs of 50 cm length.

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Profil de porte

Le profil de porte en acier résistant à la chaleur de 2,5 mm d'épaisseur empêche la porte de se déformer en raison des températures élevées.

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Animace Kamnové vložky odkouření
Animace Kamnové vložky otevřeno
Animace Kamnové vložky otevřeno

Tous les modèles

HE 37/50

HE 37/50G

HE 37/50Ga

HE 50/35/45

Less frequent loading

If the stove insert excels at anything, it is burning large batches of fuel efficiently and economically. How is the amount of energy obtained in this way used properly? As the flue gases pass through the draft system, the heat is transferred and stored in the mass of draft hidden under the casing of the stove. The accumulated heat radiates through the stove body long after the stove has been extinguished. This is then a surplus to give away. The dry radiant heat of a stove, perhaps after a long hike through a frosty landscape, with a cup of hot tea, is true winter poetry. Double glazing, a variable opening for smoking in multiple directions according to your project needs, design customisation or a rear-loading option are just the icing on the cake. Let it be warm! And less work with overlapping.

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